The strangest museums in the world

1. Museum of mediocre art in Massachusetts, USA

This collection contains a collection of six hundred paintings and sculptures, which, according to the museum management, “are so tasteless that they cannot be overlooked.” The collection is constantly updated, the curators of the museum carefully select the most worthless of the thousands of paintings sent from all over the country.

2. Zoological Museum La Specola in Florence, Italy

The La Specola Museum is located in the heart of Florence, next to the Palazzo Pitti. He is known for his collection of wax models of organs and bodies with an open stomach, as well as still lifes from organs. This collection, consisting of one and a half thousand exhibits, is unique in that it was already open to the public in 1755 and became the first anatomical museum in Europe.

3. The Hair Museum in Avanos, Turkey.

Turkish city of Avanos has long been famous for its ceramics, and now it has become known for the Hair Museum, which one of the potters organized in the basement of his workshop. The history of the museum is foggy: the potter’s beloved woman I died, leaving only a strand of hair. The potter told this mournful story to shoppers and many of them agreed to leave a strand of hair to Galip. For thirty years in the basement accumulated 16,000 strands that hang from the walls and ceiling. Each strand is attached to the tag with the name of the giver. This collection looks terrible, and this attracts tourists.

4. Phallus Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland

Employees of this museum call themselves “phallologists” and are engaged in collecting preserved penises of all mammals living in Iceland, from hamster to blue whale, to the museum collection. Now more than 200 exhibits have been collected in the museum, and in 2011 the human penis was added to the collection for the first time.

5. Paris Sewage Museum, France

Paris is proud of its sewage system, which was built in the 50s of the 19th century and was considered a miracle of engineering. For a century and a half of working life, the sewage system acquired a unique smell, which prevents pregnant women and children from taking excursions, and others are advised not to eat before visiting the museum. In the gift shop, you can buy a plush rat in memory of the visit.

6. The Museum of Parasites in Tokyo, Japan.

The museum contains thousands of parasites containing alcohol that inhabit the bodies of people and animals. The pride of the museum is the longest tapeworm (8.8 meters), who lived in a man. Most of the 4,500 exhibits are accompanied by diagrams, diagrams, and photographs of the lesions of the body, which they cause, and some even feature multimedia stands.

7. Museum of Lies in Curiec, Germany

Ordinary museums are proud that all their exhibits are original, and in the Museum of lies all the exhibits are fakes, his motto is: “do not believe your eyes”. The museum is located in an old mansion, which is actually 20 years old. Guests are offered to taste a plastic cake in the museum’s cupboard, pieces of an Argonauts ship, a witch’s broom, Hitler’s false mustaches, a radio from Titanic and Van Gogh’s earlobe are exhibited in the halls. Most of the exhibits were created by the founder and permanent director of the museum, the famous German artist Reinhard Tsabka.

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