Rapunzel Castle, Munchhausen Manor and Pinocchio Park 5 trips to fairy tale places

Today we will tell you about the places where fairy tales intertwined with reality: the forest of Little Red Riding Hood and the city that inspired the author of Alice in Wonderland, the Museum of Pinocchio and the fairy-tale castle in the forests of Bavaria.

1. Road of fairy tales (Märchenstraße), Germany

The road of fairy tales, 600 kilometers long, passes the turn of 70 cities and villages connected with the life of the Brothers Grimm. The route begins in Hanau, the hometown of storytellers, and ends in Bremen, at the monument to the Bremen Town Musicians. The road passes by Trendelburg Castle, in which, according to legend, Rapunzel lived, and the Bodenwerder manor, which belonged to the real Baron Munchhausen, a merry fellow, and a dreamer. Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel, and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty – all these tales originated here, medieval castles, masquerades, and festivals will help immerse themselves in their atmosphere.

2. Odense, Denmark

In the city of Odense, the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805. His house was turned into a museum, and the neighboring streets were reconstructed in the style of the 19th century. Multicolored half-timbered houses with sculptures of heroes of fairy tales and elves – Odense still looks like an illustration to children’s fairy tales. In Odense there is a children’s center Fyrtøjet, where they show performances and cartoons in different languages, arrange masquerades and dinners based on fairy tales. Odense is the third-largest city in Denmark, reachable by train (1.5 hours) or by bus from Copenhagen.

3. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is known to all the children of the world because it was Walt Disney who was inspired to create the Sleeping Beauty Castle, which later became the Disney studio screensaver. This beautiful castle was built in 1 869 by King Ludwig II, who adored the romantic operas of Wagner and medieval tales. Having ascended to the throne, Ludwig II began the construction of a medieval knight’s castle with painted walls and Gothic towers in the mountains of Bavaria. The best masters and painters, woodcarvers and sculptors worked on it, thanks to which the castle looked like a living fairy tale. Neuschwanstein is located near the town of Fussen (Fussen), the most convenient way to get there by train (2 hours) from Munich.

4. Oxford, England

Lewis Carroll, who lived and taught at Oxford, wrote here “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice in the Looking Glass.” Dean’s little daughter, Alice Liddell, served as a model for Alice, and the Red Queen’s palace was commissioned from Kreis Church, one of the city’s most beautiful colleges. The exposition in the Oxford Museum is dedicated to Carroll and his fairy tale, and Alice’s shop sells various souvenirs related to the world of Alice. Buses run directly to Oxford from Gatwick and Heathrow airports. From London to Oxford there is a train (1.5 hours) and a bus (2.5 hours) from the Victoria Coach Station bus station.

5. Collodi in Tuscany, Italy

The Tuscan town of Collodi, located 30 kilometers from Pisa and 60 kilometers from Florence, is the birthplace of the mother of the writer Carlo Collodi, author of the book “The Adventure of Pinocchio. The story of a wooden doll. In 1956, with the participation of the best sculptors and painters of Italy, Pinocchio Park ( Parco di Pinocchio ) was built, where all the surprises and adventures described in the book await children. The park recreates the village of Pinocchio, a tavern, a tree with golden ducats and a labyrinth. Masquerades and puppet theater, excursions for children and adults and a house with thousands of butterflies attract many tourists.

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