People who know the language of the ocean


works as a surf instructor for 3 years

Vova belongs to that rare type of people who even have two jobs in Bali: in the morning he is a surf instructor, and in the evening – a bar manager. He spends his free time on the board: either in the ocean or in a skate park. Vova rides on a skateboard since childhood, which makes a certain style in his surfing: sharp drops, turns and jumps – he has something to impress and motivate beginner surfers. During the surf lessons, he is not just an instructor, but also a friend who constantly smiles and jokes, because, in a relaxed atmosphere, learning is easier. With him from the first minute, it becomes clear that surfing is fun. However, the fun does not end outside the ocean, especially if you accept his invitation to come in the evening to a cool concert.


works as a surf instructor for 3 years

Dima started surfing in 2012 when he moved to Bali, he met the guys from TakeOff here. Sport is an integral part of his life, except for surfing, Dima regularly plays football, rides a skateboard and does not forget about his former hobby – billiards. By the way, he has a special talent for billiards, while still young and excited, Dima participated in competitions and showed excellent results – friends still joke that he is the “sixth cue of Russia” and agree to play with him without much enthusiasm. Dima is distinguished by a real sports approach, he, as a section coach, always speaks clearly and to the point. As part of the surfing lesson, he examines the errors in detail and in detail and explains how to correct them, and after all the dots over I are set, he tells with equal enthusiasm how to spend his free time in Bali.

The most difficult thing about surfing is understanding the ocean and the waves. It takes a lot of time and effort to properly analyze and read the waves. I advise all beginners at first to never give up and everything is compensated with nothing comparable pleasure!


is a surf instructor for 6 years

George is a man whose life has drastically changed the ocean. After completing his studies, he worked for a long time as a bartender, arranged enchanting barman shows, where he masterfully juggled bottles, and every Moscow club knew. Parties in his life stopped only during travel. That was until one of the vacations he spent in Portugal and became acquainted with surfing. From this began his transformation into a person who is responsible for his health, engages in sports and selflessly fills his life with surfing and love for everything around him. His goal is to cultivate oneself and help others. Most of his students become confident independent surfers, and in 2016 he became a champion in Russian surfing competitions. George is an experienced and very talented instructor who knows that success in surfing depends on subtle details; He knows how to pay attention to them and significantly accelerate progress. Friends call him Jorge and are very fond of his sincerity and responsiveness.

Surfing helps to fully experience the moment of time, here and now. Feel the joy of being. Without thinking about the future and the past. Just accept what the universe gives you at the moment. Enjoy any wave and any weather.


has been surfing for 7 years

Andrei is the founder and ideological inspirer of TakeOff. And he is an incredibly intelligent, erudite and interesting person who can keep up the conversation on any topic. He is one of those who not only ignites ideas but always implements them, no matter how insane they may seem. Ten years ago, he fell in love with the wind and began to devote all his free time to kite surfing, moved to Vietnam and opened there the first TakeOff – kite and surf school. True, the waves for surfing were rarely there, so when he went to Bali for three months and tasted this ocean drive, he decided not to go back. Sometimes he also conducts surfing lessons, especially if the students are children because the fire in their eyes cannot make a person happy.

Personally for myself, I have long understood that surfing is an ideal sport, it has a unique balance and beauty that I did not find in kite surfing. I like the fact that the material is minimal and very simple, I like the fact that ideal waves happen once a month and don’t eat salad, I like the absence of serious injuries and loads on my knees, I like the price of each wave is high and gives great joy.


has been surfing for 6 years

Lena is TakeOff’s surf camp manager and thanks to her the whole team works smoothly and efficiently. She is always aware of all the events taking place on the island and in the surf school, and most importantly, she always knows what needs to be done so that everyone gets maximum pleasure from holidays in general and lessons in particular. And Lena is a talented surfer, who in 2016 showed an incredibly stylish and technical skating on a longboard, taking first place in the stage of Russian competitions held in Bali. She often rides along with lessons, and always helps students, looks after and gives useful advice, and most importantly – inspires by example because if this fragile blonde is so easy to do, it means surfing is not so difficult!

I have been in Bali for 7 years already, 6 of which I am actively engaged in surfing. How did I get here? Arrived for the first time to rest, fell in love with surfing, returned to him after six months for a few months. In the end, refused to office work and decided to stay.


has been surfing for 3 years

Dasha is the most radiant smile and fervent laugh of the TakeOff team. She works as an administrator, which means that she meets guests and students of the surf camp and helps them to get comfortable and feel at home in Bali. She knows the answers to absolutely all the questions that can only arise in the head of a tourist, so getting to know her is a guarantee that the vacation will be as rich and interesting as possible. Unlike the rest of the guys on the surf, Dasha rides not so long ago, but she does it in a fun and graceful way, she laughs at her mistakes and infects everyone around with enthusiasm.

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