Dinner in the sky, in the dark, in prison and under water the worlds strangest restaurants

1. Restaurant in the sky (London, Brussels,   Rio )

Dinner in the Sky Brussels restaurant consists of a platform with a table and chairs, which a construction crane lifts to a height of 50 meters. At the table can accommodate 22 people served by 3 cooks and waiters. Dinner in the Sky appeared at the beginning of the two thousandths in Brussels and quickly became popular. This mobile restaurant, despite the fact that the construction weighs 22 tons, and the cost of dinner is close to a thousand euros, has already been to 15 countries of the world.

2. Underwater restaurant Itha (Ithaa) on the island of Rangali, Maldives.

Itha restaurant is located on a coral reef in the Indian Ocean, at a depth of 5 meters. The walls and ceiling are made of extremely durable glass, and during dinner, visitors can admire the passing rays, sharks and other inhabitants of the ocean. To get to the restaurant is not easy: you need to walk from the ground part of the restaurant along a narrow wooden floor, and then go down the spiral staircase to a depth of five meters.

3. Restaurant “In the Dark” (Dans le noir) in Paris, France

Mysterious Parisian restaurant, where any light sources and electrical appliances are prohibited. Here, visitors are fed with dishes unknown to them that are carried by blind waiters. The founders of the restaurant are sure that dinner in complete darkness allows you to take a break from the information noise, enjoy live communication and all the flavors and flavors of dishes.

4. Open Air Sounds of Silence

Restaurant in the Australian Desert This restaurant is located a few kilometers from Ayers Rock, Australia’s most famous cliff. Dinner begins at sunset and lasts 4 hours so that visitors can see how the sun sets and the night falls on the desert. For dinner, dishes from ostriches, kangaroos, and even crocodiles are served, with a side dish of local vegetables and herbs. Everyone can look at the stars in a telescope.

5. Ice Restaurant Lumi Linna Castle in Kemi, Finland

This restaurant is built every winter from blocks of ice, from which tables, dishes and all the elements of decor are carved. Chairs are covered with skins, instead of windows there are transparent ice floes, and the temperature inside does not rise above -5 °. The menu includes venison, fish and cold cocktails. Visitors are not allowed into the restaurant without hats, gloves and warm outerwear.

6. Restaurant “Modern Toilet” (Modern Toilet) in Taipei, Taiwan. The

restaurant, opened in 2006, is designed in the style of a toilet: the tables are made of baths, and the chairs are made of toilet bowls with colored lids, toilet paper instead of napkins. Lamps on the walls are in the form of urinals, and plates – toilets, urinals and medical “ducks”. From time to time there is a loud sound coming down from the water tank.

7. Restaurant in the ancient prison of Fortezza Medicea in Volterra, Italy.

Fortezza Medicea is an Italian castle built in the 15th century, in which the prison is located. A few years ago a restaurant of the same name appeared there, the entire staff of which consists of local prisoners (the restaurant was created as part of a rehabilitation program). Prisoners prepare, serve visitors and play in the orchestra. In order to get to the restaurant, you need to pass two checkpoints and a metal detector frame. It is forbidden to imprison phones, bank cards, and personal belongings.

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