Cat cafe A Fluffy Therapy for Travelers

That is why the world’s first cat cafe, opened in the city of Taipei in 1998, created a sensation and prompted the discovery of many similar places around the world. Such a holiday format is a kind of spiritual therapy; on traveling to a cat cafe, you can fully compensate for the craving for home comfort and temper your longing for your pet, and maybe even find a new friend for yourself and take it home!

CAT TOWN CAFE, Oakland, California

The first cat cafe in California opened three years ago at the base of a charitable organization to save homeless animals. During the work of the cafe, a new house has already been found for more than six hundred cats and cats. It serves delicious coffee and homemade pastries, and since the comfortable atmosphere for animals is a priority, the number of places is limited: no more than 14 people are allowed in the cafe at the same time, so it makes sense to book a table in advance.


The first cat cafe in New York works like a regular coffee shop, you can buy coffee, snacks, and desserts with you, or eat inside in the company of friendly fluffy guests. Every day after lunch, a special children’s hour is held in the cafe, when kids can play with cats under the supervision of parents. Four times a month, cat yoga is held in the cafe – classic asanas become twice as interesting when the cat rubs against the legs and rumbles.

CAFE NEKO, Vienna, Austria

Cafe, called by the Japanese word “cat”, is located on one of the small quiet streets in the center of Vienna. Its main feature and attraction are the giant Maine Coon cats. Adult animals grow to the size of a three-to-four-year-old child, so the rest of the cats living here look like kittens on their background. For those who still need to eat, the cafe serves homemade cakes, tea, and coffee.

LA GATOTECA, Madrid, Spain

This is the very place where you do not just feel at home, but literally, find yourself at home. The cafe looks like a big cozy living room with soft sofas, bookcases and, of course, sleek domestic cats. Hot drinks inside are served free of charge, and the pleasure of time is paid for – only a couple of euros per hour.

BAG OF NAILS PUB, Bristol, United Kingdom

If you think that all cat cafes are about the same, look at the Bristol pub, whose name literally translates as “claw bag.” This is a classic English pub with strong alcohol and a large selection of different types of beer. In the midst of the evening, when you are already feeling a little bit, the cat will easily jump onto your knees and curl up. Perfect.


In Moscow there is a whole network of with a very impressive list of pets, in each institution, there are from 20 to 40. The cost of visiting a weekday is 360 rubles for the first hour, 180 for the next, but not more than 800 rubles, on a day off – a little more expensive, but not more than 1200 rubles. Inside you can take free coffee, tea and biscuits, as well as the owners do not mind if you bring food with you. Cat houses, labyrinths, and toys make the interior very homely and cozy. And if you have good hands and one of the seals will especially like it, you can take it home from the cafe.

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