6 places on Earth where you will not find

Many even tried to arrange for themselves the so-called digital, or information detox, but often this idea failed – how not to enter the social network when it is so easy!

We propose to solve the problem radically and go to where there is no Internet at all. We chose 7 hotels, rooms in which are available, but Wi-Fi – no. So post “See you!” On Instagram and Facebook, pack your bags – and go!

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Germany

Let’s start small: after all, no one takes to run a marathon after a couple of workouts. In Baden-Baden, of course, you will find free Wi-Fi in many cafes and hotels, but in this building, which is part of the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa complex, they are offered, according to them, “the most comfortable digital detox in the world” . There are 15 rooms: 12 double and three large suites, all rooms with excellent design and views of the river Oos.

To disconnect from technology and digital networks, simply click on the button on the bedside table and the Wi-Fi connection will disappear immediately. You can, of course, turn it back on, but why – there are many other pleasant and useful entertainment. Excellent spa program, Turkish bath, sauna, and a large swimming pool, in which there is also no hint of the Internet, for example.

Wi-fi: yes, but you can turn it off in your room

Room rate: from £ 192 per night

Matamanoa Island Resort, Fiji

Do not agree to abandon Internet addiction slowly and carefully – go to Fiji. Among the long list of amenities, you will not find the line “Wi-fi is provided free of charge.” That is, it is, but only near the reception and for a fee. And this means no photos on Instagram on the veranda of your bungalow or on a piece of a private beach.

The owners of the hotel did everything to distract their adult guests (children under 16 are not allowed here) from the temptations to pay and check the mail, sitting on the floor. The hotel has equipment for diving and snorkeling (and coral reefs a few meters from the shore), tennis court, table tennis tables, beach volleyball, petanque, spa center (located on the top of the tree!), Even board games and a library! In general, turn off the gadgets and have fun like twenty years ago.

Wi-fi: only at the reception for a fee

Room rate: from $ 285 per night

Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Costa Rica

Technically, the Internet is here (it’s time to admit that there are few comfortable hotels in the world that don’t have Wi-Fi), but it is available only in a special small area. So if you do not want to feel like a smoker in an airport aquarium, remove the gadgets at the very beginning of the rest.

The hotel complex is located in a private nature reserve of 405 hectares in the last lowland tropical forest of Central America on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. On the territory, there is a swimming pool, and from the windows overlooking the sea. You will live in one of the 17 separate bungalows, from which a wonderful view of the ocean and the bay. Bath or shower, terrace, seating area, and other amenities are present.

The path here is not close: from Costa Rica International Airport on the crossbar (including flight by local airlines), you will get in 7 hours. But it is definitely worth it.

Wi-fi: only in a special small area

Room rate: from $ 77,256 per night

Attrap’Rêves, France

This is a small hotel chain, united by one theme: the numbers in them look like detached glass bubbles. Wai-Fay is not in them, but there is a stunning view of the sunsets, dawn and the starry sky – all the capsules are located away from major cities so that light pollution will not prevent you from finding the Big Dipper. For internet addicts, Wi-Fi is still there, but only at the reception.

In all the hotels there are only a few rooms – there are 18 of them in total bubbles. Each has a bathroom, a separate bedroom and a telescope along with a map of the starry sky.

“Bubbles” can be found in the Provencal pine forest, next to the regional natural parks of Luberon and Verdon, near the hills of Regagna and below the Trailer. All this is very beautiful natural places – and the hotel will be happy to book a tour of the surroundings for you.

Wi-fi: only at the reception

Room rates: from 109 euros per night

Duli beach resort, Philippines

If half-measures in the form of a lack of Wi-Fi in the rooms are not for you, be prepared to drive away. For example, in this small hotel in the Philippines, where there is really no electricity. Only the ocean and unpretentious bungalows scattered around the beach. Actually, they come here for the sake of the beach – the Dooley beach stretches for 2 kilometers, it is possible to go for a walk, it is possible endlessly, it is so beautiful there. You can admire the sea turtles – on this beach they lay eggs, so there is a chance to feel like in the program “In the world of animals” if you get in the right season.

When the walk is boring, the hotel owners will give you snorkeling equipment or a beach volleyball ball. You can also go diving, but this will have to drive away from the hotel.

The only disadvantage of this hotel is a difficult road to it. First, you need to Manila, from there get to Puerto-Princesa (600 km by small plane), then by bus to El Nido, and from there to the beach Dooley only 25 km, which can be overcome by taxi. Detailed instructions are given on the hotel website.

Wi-fi: no

Room rate: 56 euro per night

Camp Grounded, USA

For those who manage to find Wi-Fi even where there is none, or are willing to spend a lot of money on the mobile Internet, more stringent measures are needed. And they came up with! In the US, the summer camp of digital detox for adults has been operating for several years. You choose where to go – there is in California, the state of New York (state, not city), North Carolina and Texas – you register on the site, choose a payment method (everything is not easy, read the conditions in the description of each camp, but get ready to part with $ 600) and wait. You will be sent into the wilderness and will select all the gadgets and devices from which you can call or go online. Even cameras, e-books and watches are prohibited in the camp.

The program lasts four days, for which you will rest in full. And this is not about passive lying under pines with a book in your hand: the camp organizers will not lag behind until you choose one of your forgotten non-digital hobbies. You will be taught to shoot a bow, knit, weave wreaths, cut spoons out of wood, paint fabrics, make sweets, meditate … The list of various activities on the site takes up one and a half screens.

You will live in a tent or in a house with a couple of people. Food – the most diverse, from vegan to burgers. And a lot of fresh air, sports and socializing.

Wi-fi: no

Trip cost: about $ 600

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