5 reasons to surf on vacation

Sport mode for pep

Surfing is a sport that dictates its own rules. Since the best conditions in the ocean are early in the morning, you will have to get up almost with the sun. Do not worry, it only sounds scary, but as soon as you try to meet a new day while sitting in the ocean, you will start to set the alarm with joy and anticipation. With early ups and the day seems longer, and morning acrobatic exercises in the water invigorate better than any coffee! You will want to sleep too early, so surfing is a great way to switch to a healthy mode.

Panoramic views for a great mood.

A person who has never surfed does not even know what gorgeous views open from the depths of the ocean: beaches, rocks, palm trees, the sky — it all looks completely different from a distance of several tens of meters. And certainly, it does not go to any comparison with scrolling the tape on Instagram. Add to this the sound of the ocean, salty splashes and sun glare on the water – two hours of surfing will remain in your memory the most vivid pictures from the holidays.

Cool photos to the envy of colleagues

In today’s world, everyone is chasing cool content. Photos on the side of the pool will not surprise anyone, but a photo where you dissect the wave, no doubt will cause a strong reaction from friends. We will not hide, pose on the wave is difficult, but the main thing here is to relax and smile, even if your posture is not perfect, the photos from surfing are always alive and convey emotions.

Brain warm-up

Most of the daily chores are done by us on the machine. The brain in this mode quickly starts to get bored. Doctors have long proven that in order to maintain clarity of mind and good memory for a long time, you need to constantly learn something new. Surfing is a great opportunity to practice your convolutions and make a lot of new neural connections. Unlike surfing on the Internet, here you have to not just listen to some new facts with your ears, but try everything out of your experience and, therefore, remember it forever.

New friends and future plans

As practice shows, surfing brings together even very different people. The ocean washes away from each mask and role and shows the true face of a person – childishly enthusiastic and open. During surfing lessons, you will immediately find yourself in the company of like-minded people, with whom you will overcome difficulties and enjoy success. From the very beginning, you have a limitless common topic of conversation – this is the ocean, and then it will probably turn out that you have similar interests as well. In general, strong friendships are often made in the ocean. As for plans for the future, most people who have joined the surfing plan all their next trips to where there is an ocean and waves, especially since you can just go with new friends on such a vacation. The arguments are convincing, aren’t they? If you agree and are ready to break the road, do not rush to buy tickets, because with OneTwoTrip you can go on a cool surf vacation for free! In our competition, you can win a two-week vacation in Bali with accommodation and training at TakeOff surf school.

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